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Management Board

Management Board

Chairman of the Board

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

Welcome you to the site alsumood Metal Industries, and I hope that this effort has to your satisfaction, and that the information that meet Amdkm Baanaajkm

The company has achieved over the past years a quantum leap in the development of projects of manufacturing, trade, investment and industrial and strategic plans in order to succeed in building a system of ferrous industries according to international standards and to enable them to contribute positively to sustainable development and to compete ably in the global and domestic markets and strengthen its position

As part of the company's interest in the human element and the development of national competencies in order to contribute to the promotion of industrial projects and the adoption of the company this business a real sustainable basis, working not to exceed all of its minimum possible of the potential impact on the environment and occupational health and safety impact, whether before, during or after the completion of activities the company's manufacturing location.

The company's projects and investments contribute effectively in opening new horizons of employment opportunities.

Thank you for your attention and Akhiarkm company alsumood Metal Industries

Director General of the company alsumood Metal Industries

M.abd Aziz return - Abu Wissam

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